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28 October 2011 @ 10:12 pm
[There's no awkward silence at the start as he mulls over what to say - clearly, he's already planned things out in his head to some degree. Pale as he is, his voice is calm, if not a little too stoic.]

Valeria has gone again. All of her things have disappeared - Geri is gone, too. It's most likely that she's returned home, but we need to look out for her, just incase.

...Either way, in the interim - [saying this is so much harder than it was before, given what's transpired since then. His gaze dips, flicks up to the camera again.] - I'll be taking over leadership of the Watch. I'll also be needing one or two people to help me with that. You'll be responsible for giving people information about the Watch as requested, as well as assisting me when it comes to keeping the reports and records, for the most part. It also means that if I leave, or something happens to me, you'll be taking over.

If you'd like to ask questions about that, feel free, but I won't be taking names until the Watch meeting tomorrow. If you're interested, but want longer to consider it, just let me know.

The Watch Meeting will be taking place as usual - in the Town Hall, at one. Anyone is welcome to come. We need to go over some of the past subjects, as well as the dreams. And... I haven't seen or heard from Dante, either. We'll need to discuss the state of our hunting groups. There will be an open floor, as well, for anything else people want to talk about.

[He swithers a moment, as if considering saying more - but then gives a nod and cuts the feed.]
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13 September 2011 @ 11:30 am
We've had a lot of - new arrivals, it looks like. [Never mind that Souji knows who most are - he doesn't want to confuse people given the already confusing situation. And he makes the offer all the time, but on this occasion it's of additional importance - ] I understand that coming here can be a lot to take in, so please contact me as necessary. And if you're hungry, you'll always find food at the inn. [A smile, before he moves on.] And you've probably heard it already, but please take great care, especially outside the village. Make sure you have your rowan crown with you, and an iron link from the forge. That'll help to protect you.

I need to hear from every able Watch member as soon as possible. For as long as our leader is affected - [he says no names to avoid possibly awkward situations with babby!Val] - I'll be taking over again. We'll need to rotate some shifts in order to keep them going, so please let me know if you're willing to do extra. Going by past experience, this should be over within a week.

((I think it's probably for the best if we just handwave any shift changes, unless you specifically want to arrange things c: ))
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02 September 2011 @ 09:00 pm
[Soft and subdued, those that know Souji will see it's clear that he's still not quite himself. He seems a little too pale, a little too drawn - though his manner is smooth and calm as it usually would be, his tone not unfriendly, there's still something amiss there.]

We've had several new arrivals recently, haven't we? Welcome, everyone. My name is Souji Seta. I work as part of the Watch, and I also work in the inn. If you're needing a hand, or there are some questions you haven't managed to clear up yet, I'll try to help out. [A brief smile, kind, genial, but too weak.] Of course, that still goes for everyone.

Also, if you're looking for something to eat, the inn is always open. Food is free - we cook what anyone hunting, gathering, or fishing brings in, so if you have extra, please bring it by. Or if you're interested in cooking with us, the help would be welcome.

I've also completed an information resource about the Watch, for members or residents. I've put it in a text link, but you can also find a hard copy in the Town Hall.

[A pause. His expression shifts, growing more sombre, more concerned.]

- has anyone... seen Teddie? I'm having trouble finding him.
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14 July 2011 @ 02:38 pm
[Souji is looking much better than he has been, lately. Most of the bruises have dulled and faded, leaving on a faint imprint mottled on his neck, that on his head largely hidden by his hair. A cut on his brow has almost healed completely.

The composure he’d managed to maintain before had seemed frayed and thin compared to the usual, but this is far more convincing. He looks far more like himself now.]

After this period of time it seems that Adachi isn’t coming back. [he says this in a tone which betrays nothing of his anxiety, his guilt. He’s not coming back because I killed him.] I don’t want to make assumptions – there’s still the possibility that he’s hiding somewhere, or he may have had help from the fae. Be careful, regardless.

[A beat, and then he goes on.]

I’ll be going back to work at the inn tomorrow, and come next weekend I’ll be fit for my Watch shifts again. [His smile is small, as usual, but utterly genuine in its gratitude.] Thank you to everyone who has been taking extra time to help out.

For new arrivals, and as a reminder to other residents, Watch meetings are held on the twenty-seventh of every month, at one, in the Town Hall. I also want to make a basic information post regarding the Watch before I go back to work, so, if you have suggestions – let me know.

[Another brief, friendly smile, and then he nods and cuts the feed.]
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02 July 2011 @ 04:53 am
[This is one of the few posts Souji's made that doesn't involve him working in one way or another. Instead, he's sitting in his croft. His face is still heavily bruised, closed cuts half-hidden by his hair. There's what looks like a ring of black and blue around his throat, the skin there mottled dark by Adachi's hands.

He looks composed, sounds calm enough, but there is urgency and suspicion in how he speaks, enough to betray some of his anxiety. For once.]

It's been a week, and there's no sign of him. [Three guesses as to who he's talking about; first two don't count.] Or - Ange. [He sets his jaw, grey eyes focused on the table for a moment. He swallows.]

I'm not sure there have been any cases of deaths lasting this long. [No pause, no hesitation, but it's clear he didn't want to say it.]

It's possible that Adachi is hiding somewhere. We need to be vigilant - he might not be able to make an attack like that again, but he's still completely capable of hurting someone. Those of you with extra-sensory abilities should be checking as you can, just incase. If anyone hears or sees anything, please let myself and the Watch know.

[An awkward pause. He gives a nod, then cuts the feed.]

[Unless you're one of the Seekers of Truth, that is. His gaze drops again - then he looks up, steady and even, his voice firm.]

If any of you want to talk about what happened - I'm listening.
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27 June 2011 @ 03:10 am

[The screen is a blur at first. Not much can be seen, really - the moonlight isn't quite generous enough to illuminate the scene, especially not with the trees towering all around, and instead there are only highlights, silver slivers running along rocks and dirt and bracken, and Souji Seta, lying on the ground.

Where there was tumult, chaos, there is now quiet - a dead sort of stillness, broken only by the barely audible breathing, ragged and laboured.

His face is pale - ashen - in the light, but perhaps more alarming is the brief glimpse of scuffed skin, his white shirt stained dark. Dirt and blood, it all turns to the same inky black over the feed.

He turns the communicator away, offering the viewer a look at tree branches and sky and nothing else. His finger leaves a dubious, dark smear, half-obscuring the stars.
(He doesn't want them to see, not like this.)
Silence continues for a few moments. His wince is audible, the sound sharp. The thin breathing stops, starts, stops, starts, like he's trying to pull it under control. And, somehow, he does. His voice comes out a little rough, hoarse, but firm nonetheless, as even as can be.]

Adachi is dead.

[He swallows, making his breathing shudder.
(He knows he has to stay awake, but he just wants to shut his eyes and sleep.)
His voice retains that strange, incongruous steadiness.]

Everyone - [He sucks in another high breath and coughs, wetly. Silence runs again. And then:]

I'm sorry.
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19 June 2011 @ 03:01 pm
It's strange, to think that I've been here for almost a year. ...It really doesn't feel like it's been that long at all.

[He pauses, thoughtful. The poised tail of a cat can be seen in the bottom of the feed, as the cait sith winds around his ankles. He leans down to scratch it behind the ears.]

In some ways, I don't mind being here at all. Provided times is - frozen, or broken, or whatever, back home, that is. I wouldn't like to think people were worried.

Not that I'm undermining what we have to do here. [His brow knits.] But there are things to be thankful for, in spite of that.


Ah - I meant to say. For those of you acquainted with Yosuke, it's his birthday on the twenty-second. That's three days from now.
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[One would think that now would be a time in which Souji allowed himself to look as tired as he feels. Talking to his teammates, his best friends, he ought to be able to let his guard down, he shouldn't feel the need to hide the bone deep ache currently dogging him.

But to Souji, it's the opposite way around. Because these are his teammates, the people who rely on him the most, he must keep up a brave face. He has to be the strong, steady one, unfalteringly reliable.

It might be that he's a little frayed around the edges when he appears on the video feed, but he seems calm and alert regardless.]

I need to talk to the three of you as soon as possible.

...Something's happened. Not to alarm you, but it involves Adachi.
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08 May 2011 @ 10:32 pm

At some time during the past week, a nine year old girl was... Kidnapped and murdered. [Souji's expression is grave, but something about the set of his jaw suggests a well-contained anger.] We're still trying to discern details, but I think it goes without saying that we need to be far more cautious. Even if it was a child targeted before, that doesn't mean we should consider ourselves safe. We have to be careful and look out for each other. I'd advise against travelling around the outskirts of the village alone - at the least, it's important that we let each other know where we are in such times.

It's possible that a resident saw something which would help us determine exactly what happened to Maria. If you recall anything that might be relevant, please report it to a member of the Watch. Whichever one of the fae this was favoured... a very gruesome method. [And it's clear he'd rather not think about it, would rather not talk about it.]

To our newer residents, please make sure that you have a link of iron from the forge, and keep your crown of rowan with you at all times. They might not make us invincible, and it can be easy to feel complacent here, but the threat we're facing is unpredictable.

[He pauses, sucking in a breath. Long stints of talking like this make him uncomfortable enough, regardless of the topic, but his composure is unshakeable.]

Maria has returned to us, thankfully, but we can't just ignore an occurence like this. Please be careful.

That aside... [Another brief pause - saying it sounds so callous to his own ears. Regardless, he continues:] I'd like to say again that if you have concerns, questions, or reports, the Watch would like to hear from you. Our knowledge here is still sorely lacking, and it's knowledge that we need to better protect each other.

Regarding the Watch itself, a new rota will be released soon taking new members into account. For those of you unaware, Guilford will be taking over as my second - if you can't get ahold of me for some reason, contact him.

[His last moment of hesitation is slightly awkward - he gives a small nod, and then switches the feed off.]


((That filter will probably only apply to Nanako, Maria, and Sakutaro, but if you want to say one of your younger characters doesn't see it, that's fine! Jr. is exempt since he's on the Watch and doesn't... really act like a 12 year old...))
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08 March 2011 @ 01:32 pm
Did... someone come in and clean the inn during the night? It's immaculate.

[The camera moves from Souji's slightly perplexed expression to the inn. While it's usually clean and tidy, this morning there isn't a thing out of place.]

...some of the broken things have been repaired, too. I wonder if this is what Aaron meant...

There's also a black dog hanging around outside, but please don't be frightened of him. I don't think he means any harm, unless you give him reason.